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We are proud of our long-term relationships with our clients and our team.
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Working with the Dept. 11 team has been a huge help in augmenting our marketing team and bringing in pinch hitters for projects. The ability to choose a curated team to work with (vs. choosing an agency) is highly valuable in our fast moving, high velocity world.

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Christina K.
Chief Marketing Officer

Dept. 11 is incredibly nimble, reliable and goes out of their way to understand our marketing needs. Working with them is refreshing and I see them as a trusted partner.

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Kevin G.
Chief Operating Officer

I have been working with Dept. 11 for 8 years. I love the sense of community, the variety of projects, the support I receive and that my input is always valued.

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Seth M.
Engagement Lead

Dept. 11 is the first place I call because I know the people that come from there are high caliber, experienced talent. Dept. 11 and their talent know how agencies operate and what to expect (and not to expect). The people I work with at Dept. 11 understand the business and the pressures our teams are under and it does not go unnoticed.

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Tom N.
Executive Producer

I’ve been a Dept 11 creative for nearly 10 years, and I know many teammates who have been with them just as long or longer. As a result, Dept 11 project teams have great familiarity and chemistry. Dept 11 is able to build these long-term relationships because they treat their people so well, from finding the right fit, to being incredibly responsive, to making sure you have everything you need to be successful.

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Jon M.

The team at Dept 11 is exceptional... and versatile! Happily serving as an extension of our small marketing team, they spearhead myriad projects across both inbound and outbound marketing channels, never once losing sight of our lead generation and brand awareness goals and helping us achieve our KPIs year over year. They have a guru for everything from SEO… to SEM… to HubSpot, Salesforce, and WordPress platforms, but even better, rather than guard “the secret sauce,” these gurus are willing to take time to educate our Marketing team so that we’re growing more than conversion metrics, we’re also growing skillsets. Dept 11 sets a standard of partnership excellence that is hard to come by in such a saturated marketplace and we hold their services and support in high regard.

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Lisa H.
VP Marketing & Communications

Whether a client is looking for an agency team or a kickass freelancer looking for work, Dept. 11 is the agency to call! I have been on both sides of the fence working with them and cannot say enough great things about them. When I needed great talent, they delivered amazing people that got the job done on time and on budget. When I wanted to freelance, they found me gigs that worked perfectly for me. They have a great agency model that works for everyone.

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Debbie V.
Engagement Lead and Growth Advisor

I have known of Dep-11 for 15+ years but have been working with them recently since 2019 and it is honestly the best decision I made. They are a fantastic group to work with and have a good core team of smart and skilled people. Their clients come in all sizes and tend to fit the D11 culture very well.

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Kris K.

I'm a longtime freelancer with Dept. 11. Kerri and her team have always watched out for me in a business sense while ensuring that I work with clients whose work is creatively fulfilling and challenging in the best way. Being a freelancer can be tough, but Dept. 11 makes it a lot easier.

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Robin K.
Creative Director

Not all agencies are able to be as nimble and flexible to accommodate our current technology needs and Dept 11 is one of those places you can truly rely on to adapt to the landscape we have today. They provide a great environment for creative problem-solving at every level and scale.

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Red D.
Creative Technologist

The team at Dept 11 are a joy to work with. They deliver thorough and thoughtful solutions with all the resources and skill sets of a larger agency without the typical wall of account managers. As a client we are always able to work directly with a dedicated engineer or a hands-on project owner. Their highly approachable team helped Fast Radius solve some of our most complex challenges, working with our old code and technical debt to support legacy applications while developing new solutions with the latest technologies and approaches. They were there to support our initiatives as we pivoted from a startup to a public company and needed to move quickly to shift priorities through the process. Developers were instantly available for support at all hours and were highly adaptable to using our internal project management platforms, and they worked seamlessly between a variety of teams and support partners. I can't recommend Dept 11 highly enough.

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Sean H.
Sr. Website Manager