Commuting Has Gone to the Dogs for Many

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Nov 28, 2022
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Even before the pandemic changed the way the world works, the holidays gave many of us a nice, annual opportunity to spend some extra time with the ones we love. That includes pets for a huge chunk of the global workforce, but many have promoted more time with pets and family from their holiday wish lists to their employment negotiations, with no intention of heading back to the office. 

A whopping “75% of workers say they want to stay home with their pets instead of going into the office,” according to research from featured in a recent Business Insider story, “The real reason so many remote workers are refusing to go back to the office: their dogs.”

What constitutes a great gig for the highly skilled marketers in Dept. 11’s talent pool varies widely. Some prefer a more traditional on-site role when it comes to project work or full-time employment, but many others intend to never go back, citing increased productivity, quality of life, more time with family, and yes – a desire to be at home with their pets. 

Finding the right marketer for any given role has become about so much more than matching skill sets to the work that needs to be done. Beyond these quality-of-life concerns, many job candidates want to work for employers that value diversity, equity and inclusion or prioritize work/life balance for their teams.

At Dept. 11, we understand that every candidate and every employer are different. Finding the right match consistently keeps clients and talent happy and engaged, but we totally understand the pet lovers out there who just can’t fathom leaving their pets unattended for the nine-to-five on a daily basis. Having Spartacus and Maeve around keeps us smiling, and that’s a luxury we’ve gotten quite accustomed to at the Dept. 11 HQ. 

Dept. 11 humans’ best friends Spartacus, five years old, and Maeve (pictured above), five months old, make the office a friendly place to spend our days. They’re not surprised in the slightest that three quarters of remote workers don’t want to go back to the office. That would be really “Ruff!”

Organizations have a fine line to walk when it comes to pets. On one hand, animal companions are motivating many to turn down jobs that require on-premise work, commuting and everything that comes with it, but dogs in particular can make employees happier and more well-rounded. According to the Business Insider story “pup owners surveyed by said their dogs inspired them to get out more and try new outdoor activities. More than 50% of respondents reported taking up walking, hiking, and visiting a dog park after adopting a dog. These activities are well known for their stress-reducing benefits.” Responding to the same survey, 88% said having their dog around helped them be more productive at work, and 87% said this helped them cope with work-related stress. 

Pets. Productivity. Family time. Whatever the reason, many talented marketers choose to not return to the office, and at Dept. 11, this is just one of the many factors we consider when matching the right talent to the right opportunity. Drop us a line today to find out how we can help you discover your perfect match.